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Welcome Home Winemakers!

We are proud to announce our 42nd Harvest!

Every year is extra special to us as we carry on a tradition, we remember our “roots” and are proud of what we are able to offer to our Professional Home Winemakers today.
This year’s Harvest is expected to begin around September 12th, at our same location of 123 Castleton Street, Pleasantville, NY.
Please return to our website for updates on what is in inventory and what is expected to arrive. Please note that unless you are purchasing "specialty grapes" we cannot hold any fruit. In ordering to guarantee freshness fruit or juice cannot be held on hold.
Lastly, please note this year we will be hosting our 13th Wine Competition Dinner,
Thursday November 6th, 2014
We hope to celebrate with you, your families and friends, salute to good company and good ole’ fashion wine! We hope to see you this year. Details will be available during harvest.
For any additional inquiries please contact us via email at or (914) 769.6252.

The Staff @ Prospero


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